Peace of Mind:
A well-thought-out financial plan

Financial Control:
A clear view of the "Big Picture"

Qualified advisors who evoke confidence

Advisors always acting in your best interest

Direct access to the principals of the firm

Points That Set PCM Apart from Other Financial Advisors:

1. Quality Not Quantity

By strategically deciding to limit the size of our firm, we have been able to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. You benefit from our personalized attention. You also benefit from access to our professional alliances (attorneys, CPA’s, investment strategists, etc.)

2. Accessibility

We are committed to one-on-one service. You will be able to contact us directly and speak to us personally. Your call will be returned the same business day if at all possible. Our cell phone numbers are available to you as well.

3. Regular Review

We hold quarterly progress reviews with you either in person or by phone. Throughout the year, we are available to discuss any financial issues that may arise in order to keep you on track toward your long-term goals. If you reside outside Colorado, we customize our contact arrangements to meet your needs.

4. Free from Conflicts of Interest

We charge a fee for our services. We receive no commissions. This allows us to make recommendations based on what we feel is in your best interest, free from any need to sell products.