Peace of Mind:
A well-thought-out financial plan

Financial Control:
A clear view of the "Big Picture"

Qualified advisors who evoke confidence

Advisors always acting in your best interest

Direct access to the principals of the firm

Welcome to Partners Capital Management, Inc.

We believe that helping you achieve financial peace of mind in an increasingly complex and ever-changing
world is the most important thing we do.

For over a quarter century, working as partners with our clients, we have helped free their time and energy
allowing them to focus on the other things that bring value and meaning to their lives

Why Partners Capital Management

When you choose a financial advisor, you expect a level of knowledge and expertise that will ensure you get good advice. There are a number of qualified advisors based on this criteria. Itís more difficult to find a financial advisor who will work with you as a partner.

What qualities would create added confidence that you have the right advisor on your team? We recognize that the answer to this question is an individual matter. Our goal is to listen carefully so we can discover the best way to work with you. You arenít required to adapt to a one-size-fits-all system. We adapt our system to you.